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Panos C. Sotiriou 

Chrissie N. Palassis 


Known for our effectiveness and a practical approach based on inside knowledge of the cruise industry

We founded CTM Hellas when we both decided that it was time to leave our cruise line careers and focus on the pursuit of our common wish to play a useful part in the development of cruising in the East Mediterranean. After experiencing what it takes to run cruise operations on a global scale and having seen first hand what the world has to offer, we are both convinced that this region's potential as a money maker, passenger satisfier and new market developer is very hard to beat. No doubt cruise development in any region is a  complex and often trying challenge. To contribute toward a healthier growth of cruising in our region, in 2006  we began to actively lobby against the outdated cabotage restrictions in Greece. Our mainstay is consulting and through our combined expertise we offer a wide range of services to both private and public sector clients. Over the years our firm has acquired a solid international reputation and all in all, developing East Mediterranean cruising continues to be a very exciting process for both of us!

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