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We also support focused events aimed at sensitizing, informing and promoting problem solving interactions between local governments, associations and communities on a wide range of cruise development issues pertaining to specific sub-regions or destinations

Playing our part in cultivating a better future for cruising in the East Mediterranean


Since 2010 we cooperate with Posidonia Exhibitions on the international Sea Tourism Forum event, which was launched in June 2011 and is now taking place every other year. This is an important international conference and exhibition that focuses on East Mediterranean & Black Sea regional cruise and yachting development.

We initiate or support efforts aimed at cruise development and have cooperated with various organizers and tourism associations on various cruise related events. We also participate as speakers or mediators in national and international conference panels. As a firm we actively contributed to the abolition of Greek cabotage for cruising and among other actions toward that end, we were involved in the following benchmark international conferences that took place in Athens Greece:


Greece as a Potential Cabotage Free Cruise Hub - (2006) - org. by HATTA/Seatrade/CTM

Greek Coastal Shipping  & Tourism Conference - (2007) - org. by HATTA/CTM

Greece’s Potential New Cruise Destinations – (2007) - org. by HATTA/CTM

CRUISEinGREECE - (2008) - org. by HATTA/Seatrade/EOT/CTM

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