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Among our business activities is to consult new & established cruise ports and destinations. We develop their marketing strategy, define their branding concept, initiate their promotional campaigns, support their sales effort and generally help them attract cruise business. In parallel, we survey and identify potential new aspects of each destination, offer incisive operations & tourism advice on how to effectively improve performance, enrich the overall offering and refine service quality. Some of our past and current clients are:

Specialized port & destination consulting


Agios Nikolaos Crete Municipality & Chamber of Commerce

Corfu Port Authority

Corfu Chamber of Commerce (separate task)

Heraklion Port Authority

Igoumenitsa Port Authority

Ilia Chamber of Commerce (Katakolo – Olympia)

Kavala Port Authority , Municipality & Chamber of Commerce

Kefalonia Municipality

Kos Municipal Port Authority

Kythira Municipality

Leros Municipality

Volos Port Authority


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